Who We Are

NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers are SUPERIOR quality diapers manufactured in Kenya using German technology & European raw materials. We have designed NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers with your baby's delicate skin in mind. NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers are hypoallergenic and thus keep your baby away from irritation and rashes.

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors
The Mathengez!

Meet the Mathengez – the embodiment of love, joy, and togetherness. As our brand ambassadors, Nameless and Wahu, alongside their beautiful family, epitomize the essence of our diaper brand.

The Mathengez represent the modern family, where each member plays a unique role in creating a nurturing and supportive environment. Nameless, the iconic musician known for his charisma and talent, and Wahu, the multitalented artist and entrepreneur, stand as pillars of strength and inspiration for their children and countless fans.

Together, they exemplify the values that our diaper brand holds dear: care, comfort, and quality. Just like the Mathengez prioritize the well-being of their family, we are dedicated to providing diapers that prioritize the comfort and happiness of every baby.


Are NIPNAP Baby Diapers safe for my baby?
NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers are soft & comfortable and have been tested & approved by as per
Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS)
What causes diaper rash?
Wetness - Prolonged wetness can lead to overly hydrated skin.

Increased pH - Bacteria on the skin can break down urea in urine to ammonia, which can increase the skin pH. Normally, the pH of the skin is slightly acidic and ranges from approximately, thus reducing the chances of rashes.

NIPNAP Premium Baby Diaper has a fast-absorbing core and Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL), which leaves your baby dry and comfortable with our breathable back sheet. The chances of rashes are drastically minimised.
Why is my baby’s diaper leaking?
Because babies have different shapes and sizes. Diapers would fit different babies differently. Sometimes leaks happen because the leg cuff or elastic waist is a bit folded. Running your finger around the waistband and cuffs sometimes helps to ensure a better fit. If your baby is close to the upper end of the weight range of the diaper you're currently using, you may want to try the next size up. NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers have leg cuffs and elastic waist band to avoid leakage.
Are there chemicals in NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers?
We only use the best European materials which includes Chlorine Free Fluff , that has been thoroughly evaluated and proven safe by our Quality Control Department. We also conduct extensive testing to allow Moms to experience our products in real-life situations and we adhere to the highest industry standards for safety, performance and quality.

NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers are being used daily by thousands of babies around the East Africa Region.
What size diaper is good for my baby?
Just like you, babies like to wear things that fit just right! Choose a diaper size that does not sag or has gaps, even as your baby crawls and plays. This will help prevent leaks. Each product description on this site gives guidelines that represent the average weight for a particular size. And remember, when you move up a size, you gain absorbency!

For more details about the ideal size of diaper. Please visit our Diaper Shop.
Are NIPNAP Diapers scented?
Not at all !!

NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers are Scent-free, Dye-free and Chlorine-free to ensure safety for baby’s skin.

Our diapers do not cause any allergic reaction.
How many diapers should I change a day?
In the first couple of months, you might find yourself changing diapers up to 10 times in 24 hours! Diapers should be changed whenever they are wet or soiled.

Since NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers have a fast absorbing core, this should help you to change less diapers than necessary.

Here are some common times for changing diapers:

* Before bedtime
* When your baby wakes up
* When you go out with your baby
* After every bowel movement
Do you have tips to improve absorbency and precent leaks?
Choosing the right diaper is key to improving absorbency and preventing leaks. The weight indication on our packages is a good place to start, but you should also consider your baby's age, what s/he eats and drinks, and how much s/he moves around. If your child's close to the end of the weight range on the chart, s/he might need the next size now. Even babies within the weight range can outgrow the absorbency before they outgrow the fit. And for leaks at night, try the next size up for overnight use only.

NIPNAP Premium Baby Diapers has a fast absorbing core and an Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL), you will not need to change on regular interval unless soiled.
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