Baby Diaper Sizes

It's important to note that diaper sizes are determined by weight rather than age. This ensures a precise and snug fit, minimizing leaks and maximizing comfort for your baby. Whether your little one is a newborn or a growing toddler, we have the perfect diaper size to keep them dry and happy.
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Nipnap Newborn

Size Range: 0-5 Kgs
Size 1 - Perfect fit for newborn babies, neonates or preemies
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Nipnap Mini

Size Range: 3-6 Kgs
Size 2 - Designed for average-sized newborn or infants.
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Nipnap Midi

Size Range: 5-9 Kgs
Size 3 - Perfect for larger newborns and infants.
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Nipnap Maxi

Size Range: 8-14 Kgs
Size 4 - Suitable for growing infants aged between 
six months to one year and older.
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Nipnap Junior

Size Range: 18-22 Kgs
Size 5 - For toddlers between 1 to 3 years old.
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Nipnap Rhino

Size Range: Above 16 Kg
Size 6 - Designed for growing babies and toddlers.
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