NipNap Black and White Diapers

Leopard print – Roar with our Leopard print! Available in size 2, 3, 4, and 5, this print will make your little ones feel fierce and fabulous 🐆.

Zebra - Stripe up some fun with our Zebra print! Available in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5, this print is perfect for your little wild one.

Love hearts - Get your tiny heartthrob to rock our love hearts print diapers, available in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5! This print is a constant reminder that love wins.

Caterpillar - Get ready to crawl with our Caterpillar print! Available in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5. This print will keep your little explorers comfy and stylish. 🐛
Flight path

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Elastic Waistband
Elastic waistband around baby’s waist and sides ensures a perfect & comfortable fit. Ensures soft cover for baby’s tender skin.
Elastic Comfort Side Panels/Fasteners
Our diaper fasteners are super stretchy and are fitted with a hook and loop system that ensures the diaper is form fitting to the baby’s waist size making them flexible enough to follow baby's every movement. The stretchy side panels and fastening systems enable the diaper to be pulled snug against the baby’s torso to prevent leakages.
3D Core With Up To 12Hrs Protection.
This absorbent core is the inner-most layer of the diaper. It typically consists of a blend of cellulose fluff pulp and polyacrylate granules. The cellulose portion quickly absorbs and transfers urine to the polyacrylate superabsorbent material, where it is trapped. This keeps the baby’s skin drier for longer, even if he or she sits on a full diaper.

This core also has a breathable back sheet that allows water vapor and air (but not liquids) to pass through, reducing moisture and keeping the skin drier.
Leg Cuffs/Barriers To Stop Leaks
Our diapers are built with an inner and outer leg cuffs whose main purpose is to improve the fit and diaper’s ability to contain liquid/solid exudates. Our leg cuffs ensure liquid does not flow freely onto the baby’s clothes, but rather remains contained in the diaper core.
Embossed / Bubbled Top Sheet
The embossed top sheet on the diaper serves multiple purposes. It creates small pockets or channels that distribute and lock away liquids effectively, improving on the absorption rate and keeping the baby's skin drier. The soft texture ensures a comfortable feel for the baby and helps maintain the diaper's shape, preventing leaks. The embossed top sheet patterns promote air circulation, reducing heat and moisture build up, which is beneficial for preventing diaper rash.
Elastic Waistband
Elastic Comfort 
3D Core
Leg Cuffs
Leopard Print

Our Other Prints

Love Hearts

Available in four sizes

Size 2 (3-6Kgs)

Size 3 (5-9Kgs)

Size 4 (8-14Kgs)

Size 5 (12-22Kgs)

Black and White FAQ’S

Are NipNap black & white diapers chlorine-free?
Yes, our diapers are chlorine-free, ensuring a gentle and eco-friendly option for your baby's delicate skin.
Do NipNap black & white diapers contain any dyes or brighteners?
No, our diapers are free from harsh dyes and brighteners, providing a safe and hypoallergenic choice for your little one.
Why is my baby’s diaper leaking?
We have external and internal elastic cuffs to prevent leaking.
What is the purpose of the embossed top sheet used in NipNap black and white diapers.
The embossed top sheet enhances absorption and promote faster liquid distribution, thus keeping the baby's skin dry and comfortable.
Are the prints on your diapers safe for my baby's skin?
Yes, the prints on our diapers are created with non-toxic, baby-safe inks to ensure they are harmless and gentle on your baby's delicate skin.
How do I determine the right size for my baby?
Our diaper sizes are determined by weight rather than age. Refer to our sizing guide to find the perfect fit for your little one.
Can I purchase a variety pack with all four prints?
Yes, we offer variety packs that include all four prints – love hearts, zebra, caterpillar, and leopard in a carton– allowing you to enjoy a selection of stylish options for your baby.
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