Parenthood is a journey filled with joy, surprises, and plenty of questions along the way. To help you navigate through the diapering experience with ease, we've curated a collection of insightful guides tailored to address common concerns and provide tips. Whether you're wondering when it's time to change diaper sizes or why those unexpected leaks and blowouts happen, our guides are here to offer support and guidance. Because every parent deserves confidence and peace of mind during this special time.
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When to change 
diaper sizes?

When a "blowout" happens, your first thought may be to blame the diaper. But it might just be that the diaper is the wrong size for your baby. Size is one of the most common causes of a leak or blowout.
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Why do leaks and
blowouts happen?

If a diaper is too small, it can leak because there isn’t enough absorbency for the volume of pee or poop.
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Choosing the right diaper
size for your baby and
important facts

The chart below is a great guide to helping you choose a diaper size based on your child's weight and stage, but you'll also need to check for telltale signs of a poor fit once your baby is wearing them. Persistent leaks, red marks on baby's skin, or gaps are signs of an improper fit. If your baby is nearing the top of the weight range, it may be time to consider moving up a size.
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